COVID Mask Information

We will most likely be "Practicing Safe Exercise" for the foreseeable future
Pilates Reforming Reforming NY wants to be on the cutting edge of available technology


We want to provide the not only the BEST Possible Pilates Experience,

but also the SAFEST possible Pilates Environment. 

- There is a lot of information, I tried to make it understandable, sorry they are long....

- We have no financial relationship with Cloud Mask, we just think it's really good.

- We are aware that the phone number in the video is incorrect.

Welcome to the Cloud Mask

Well Fitting
Exceptional Air Flow
Extraordinary Filtration

THE Mask For Exercise 

We're Doing Our Best To Keep You Safe
The Science of Filtration
Brownian Motion a Fascinating Phenomenon
Air Turbulence is Your Friend
Augmented HVAC

How To Get The Perfect Fit 

The Foam Nose Bridge
The Self Adhesive DIY Aluminum Strip
Watch My DIY Surgery